Before & After: Roadside Treasure Transformation

The Speckled Dog

Fall is a great time of year for picking up great salvaged finds from the side of the road, back alleys and dumpsters. Folks are purging before Winter comes and we're A-OK with that! This homeowner picked up this piece in just the same manner and took it home. Are you ready to see its not-so-table-like transformation?

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With a little elbow grease, this piece got a new paint job and a few finishing touches and it was set to be used as a napping spot instead of a place to put a plant. Finials and some embellisment were added to make it look more bed-like and cute little linens completed the look.

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Make sure to hop over to The Speckled Dog to check out more photos of the process and the new bed's tenant, because what Friday is complete without pint sized pups in pint sized beds?

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Image: The Speckled Dog

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