Before & After: Sandra and Justin's Family-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

Best of 2013

Earlier this year, Sandra and Justin purchased their dream house, in Arlington, Texas. The only thing they didn't love about the home was its small, cramped kitchen, whose head-scratching layout included a stovetop range right in the middle of the kitchen (and family traffic patterns). There were some serious functionality issues.

Sandra and Justin planned to combine their kitchen and breakfast area into a big, family-friendly, eat-in kitchen. (You can see more photos of the kitchen, and diagrams of Sandra and Justin's ideas for the final layout, here.) After sharing with us their inspiration for the finished kitchen and their projected budget, they were ready to begin.

Click on the links for each week to read more about each week's progress.

Week 1: The kitchen is emptied out, and demo begins.

Week 2: More demolition! The whole family pitches in.

Week 3: Even more demolition, plus dealing with dust. Calvin the cat takes a nap on some smashed floor tiles.

Week 4: Old plumbing out, new plumbing in, while the family takes a bit of a break.

Week 5: The space between the kitchen and dining room is opened up, and some vents get moved around.

Week 6: The pros do the drywall, but mudding, sanding and texturing are a family affair.

Week 7: We have new floors!

Week 8: And cabinets!

Week 9: Countertops are in. Calvin approves.

Week 10: Everyone helps out with tiling.

Week 11: A few finishing touches.

And after all that work, the kitchen looked a little bit like this...

You can see even more photos of the finished kitchen in our Big Reveal post here. The finished kitchen is stylish and bright, with plenty of storage and plenty of space for the whole family to gather. The family couldn't be happier about it.

See a budget breakdown for Sandra and Justin's kitchen here; you can also check out the most important lessons they learned during the remodel. To read more about their project, click the links about, or follow this link to see the whole post series.

Congratulations, Sandra and Justin!

(Image credits: Sandra Jergensen)