Before & After: Sarah's Stairs Go Faux (In The Best Way Possible)

After she pulled up the carpet on her stairs, Sarah tried to cover her poor quality stair treads with paint, but she wasn't satisfied. She really wanted oak, but didn't have room in her budget so she got really, really creative.

Sarah did an amazingly realistic faux bois to mirror the look and feel of wood and she managed to do it super affordably. She chose three paint colors to match the base, midtone, and darkest tone of her floor, and spent just $2.98 on a sample size of each one. Then she bought a container of glaze, sealant, a wood graining tool, and a set of combs, which she plans to reuse for other projects too. From her success here, we're guessing she'll be on a serious faux bois spree for quite some time.

Sarah says, "The whole project was completed in less than two days - most of which was spent just waiting for paint to dry. I'm so thrilled with the results that I may never get real oak."

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Thank you Sarah!

(Image credits: Sarah Wilson)