Before & After: A Firsthand Account of a Secondhand Hutch

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Kim found this lovely, albeit 'beat-up' secretary desk at a secondhand store, and got right to work fixing it up. Of course, she added a little twist....

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Here's what Kim did, in her own words:

First I cleaned it up, then I lightly sanded and painted it sort of an antique cream. I sanded it again then went over the cream with a rubbed on coat of very dilute brown. When the final coat dried I applied a hand-rubbed wax finish. The doors had wood trim holding glass in, however the wood was broken and/or missing in spots. I decided to remove wood trim and glass and sew curtains which I put on dowels inset in the edge that previously held the glass.

Nice job Kim! Thanks so much for sharing...

(Image credits: Kim Holbrook)