Before & After: Seth & Allison's California Kitchen Remodel

Best of 2013

As part of our Renovation Diary, Seth and Allison were one of the couples who partnered with us to share, step by step, the process of renovating their kitchen. Today we're taking a look back at the project, starting with their somewhat dated 'before' kitchen.

Seth and Allison had found their dream house, in Ventura, California, but they weren't super excited about the layout of the kitchen and family room. Although both spacious, these rooms were separated from each other by a wall. They envisioned tearing down the wall to create a big, family-friendly indoor-outdoor space, while also updating their old kitchen. (You can see diagrams of the floor plan changes that were made in this post, in which we introduced the project.)

After sharing with us their inspiration for their finished kitchen, and the projected budget for their project, Seth and Allison were ready to get started. Click on the links below to see more details about each week's progress.

Week 1: Tearing things down can be fun.

Week 2: Even more demoliton.

Week 3: New framing goes in, including framing for new windows, and a beam that replaces the old wall between the kitchen and living room.

Week 4: New windows!

Week 5: Time for drywall. It's starting to look good.

Week 6: Taking care of a few odds and ends, including installing speakers and managing media wiring.

Week 7: We have cabinets. And a few appliances.

Week 8: Tile is going in. We're on the home stretch.

And then it was time for the big reveal...

Seth and Allison's finished kitchen isn't just beautiful... it's bright and sunny and open to the family room, a big space where their family (which recently welcomed a new addition) can cook and entertain and relax. To see more photos of the finished kitchen, check out our 'Big Reveal' post here. You can also see a breakdown of Seth and Allison's final budget, and read about what they learned during the renovation.

Congratulations, Seth and Allison!

(Image credits: Allison Gibson)