Before & After: Sketchy Shed Converted to Stellar Study

Caitlin over at The Shingled House has some mean DIY skills and recently took on a shed in her backyard. The 10 x 10 room had concrete floors, wood paneling, and a lot of stuff, but she wanted to turn it into a cozy and functional office space for her family. See how the conversion went, after the jump.

Although the bones of the original structure were nice, the shed is so much more intimate and comfortable after the renovation. The deep blue walls and warm wood - layered with plaid wool textiles and sheepskin — go a long way towards making the space worth spending time in. I can totally imagine the Great American Novel being written here, no?

Well done Caitlin! Readers, see more of the entire project over at The Shingled House. Definitely click over, because the rest of the room is equally cute.

(Image credits: The Shingled House)