Before & After: Super Sonogram Display

Lemon Tree Creations

Showing off a sonogram is a big day for many parents. Although they're incredibly special, they can still feel a little creepy and don't exactly "blend" with most folks' decor. But your thoughts on that are about to change with the help of this antique divided dresser drawer and some thrifted finds.

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Over at Lemon Tree Creations there's been some crafting going on! It's always nice to take something that doesn't feel like it has a place in your home and give it a permanent residence.

For many parents-to-be, sonogram photos are passed around with initial excitement but end up later in an office drawer forgotten about. Instead, check out this cute shadow box display Erin made to keep this joyous moment in time on permanent display. See all the details of how this came together att Lemon Tree Creations.

(Images: Lemon Tree Creations)

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