Before & After: Stunning Laundry Room Renovation

Before & After: Stunning Laundry Room Renovation

Meg Lewis
Aug 11, 2011

My favorite gal, blogger Erin Loechner is renovating her entire Indiana home. Each room that she premieres is just as stunning as the next. I was completely smitten when I saw her laundry room renovation. As an urban apartment dweller, a laundry room is such a far-off dream for me!

When I showed this to my man yesterday he said, "Oh, I would do so much laundry in that room!". We've always struggled with our laundry situation. We tend to live in 3rd floor walk-ups with laundry in the musty, dimly lit basement. This renovation by Erinis absolutely stunning. It looks so crisp and refreshing - the way a laundry room should look! It has such a clean and sterile vibe (in a good way of course).

Maybe someday we'll rent an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer, although right now it feels like it's probably a long shot to say that. See Erin's full before & after at HTGV's Before & After: Our Laundry Room Progress.

Images: Erin Loechner

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