Before & After: Sunroom Floors Get a Fun Refresh

After pulling up the carpets in her sunroom, Em found hardwood floors that had been painted a weird brown. She first had them sanded down (as seen in the "before" photo above), then decided to try something a little fun for this bonus space. Keep reading to see what she did...

VoilĂ ! A whitewashed pattern that adds detail, without overwhelming the space. Em is thrilled with the result and thinks the room feels wider and brighter as a result of the paint treatment.

To create the squares, Em first sat down and plotted out the pattern, then used string to map it out on the actual floor. After taping off the lines, she whitewashed every other square to get the diamond pattern she wanted. Three coats of sealer later, the floor was done!

Em shows you step by step how to do it on her blog, Emmy and Mouse.

Thanks Em!

(Image credits: Em Barrett)