Before & After: Target Stool Transforms into Table

Recognize this stool? This popular Target item has been popping up around the Internet for months (I own one and use it as an ottoman). One of our readers found that the colorful wire base and easily detachable top also makes it the perfect piece to hack.

This ranks up there with the most do-able of projects, and is reminiscent of higher end marble-topped tables in the design world. To get the look, Shannon simply glued a piece of scrap wood to the top, then covered that with two inexpensive marble tiles from the hardware store. A heavy object placed over the finished surface ensured that the glue held the layers down, and the tiles together, while it dried for a couple of hours.

Here's another tip from Shannon:

If the edges of the marble tiles are discolored or have markings on them (mine had bar codes), you can use a thin layer of white paint or grout colorant to make them look more uniform. I like grout colorant because it soaks into the surface so there is no sheen or “painted” look.

Many thanks for the project and the photos Shannon!

(Image credits: Shannon Hartigan)