Before & After: DIY Dishwasher Facelift

Before & After: DIY Dishwasher Facelift

Gregory Han
Jun 14, 2013

Refrigerators have regularly been the subject of impressive DIY makeovers, whether it be with corkboard, chalkboard paint, or wallpaper. But what about the other major appliance sitting in your kitchen, the oft ignored and short statured dishwasher? Here's how one couple spruced up their worn down 18 year old kitchen appliance with an affordable cosmetic facelift...

Carrie of Saving 4 Six loves her dishwasher, and like many with a busy kitchen it's become an appliance which she couldn't imagine living without. But after nearly two decades of valued service, like an older automobile with high mileage, the front panel paint job exhibited a few "nasty" scratches she could most definitely live without. 

Beadboard is a common architectural detail often seen in older homes and apartments (here's a helpful explanation describing the differences between beadboard and wainscoting), and is available in affordable MDF, vinyl, or other composite materials in planks from just about any home improvement or hardware store. Using two measured pieces of beadboard, some double-sided carpet tape, and construction adhesive, Carrie and her husband updated their formerly worn out machine a whole new lease on life (at least in the looks department). The DIY upgrades offers a beautiful and durable aesthetic update which should outlast the life of their dishwasher.

More about this DIY dishwasher facelift at Saving 4 Six.

(Images: Carrie/Saving 4 Six)

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