Before & After: The Year's Best Kitchen and Bathroom Transformations

2013 was a good year for kitchen and bath projects. Here are some of our favorites.

Click the links to see the 'after' photos. (Clicking the link with your mouse wheel will open the window in a new tab.)


  1. Before & After: Joellyn's Grandma Kitsch to Modern Kitchen
  2. Before & After: Mousy Kitchen gets an IKEA Makeover
  3. Before & After: Rick and Jessie's Fast-Track Kitchen Renovation
  4. Before & After: Simply Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation
  5. Before & After: Breakfast Gets Brighter in Jonathan's New Kitchen
  6. Before & After: Drab to Fab, the Kitchen Edition
  7. Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Eek to Chic on a 10k Budget
  8. Before & After: A Classic Renovation for a Park Slope Kitchen
  9. Before & After: Jane's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation
  10. Before & After: Andrew's Long Time Coming Bungalow Kitchen Update


  1. Before & After: A Not So Pretty In Pink Bathroom
  2. Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
  3. Before & After: A DIY Bathroom Renovation
  4. Before & After: A One-Weekend Bathroom Refresh
  5. Before & After: Christina's New Neutral Bathroom
  6. Before & After: Mandy's Handsome Bath Reno
  7. Before & After: Istanbul Hotel Bathroom Freshens Up
  8. Before & After: Bringing a 1990s Bathroom Into 2013
  9. Before & After: Aya's 70s to Serene Guest Bathroom Renovation
  10. Before & After: Megan's Renovated & Rearranged Bathroom

(Image credits: Joellyn Clark; Shannon Tate; Jessie Rettinger; The Sweeten; Jonathan Stiers; Holly Dart; Julia Marcum ; Sweeten; Sweeten; Andrew Schultz; Katie Waddell; Mattie; Alysha Findley; Theresa Gonzalez; Front & Main; Canadian House & Home; Portus House; Claire Bock; Aya Ishihara; Megan Adams)