Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized

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When Rachel and her husband found this Echo Park bungalow in 2011, it was on the brink of being condemned. In fact, the bank inspector wrote on his report that it "smelled of sausage and urine," and suspected it had been a meth house. So this brave couple gets major props in our book for even considering tackling this huge project, and even more for turning it into the gorgeous, modern home it became.

It took them two years of being super thrifty, patient and creative, but boy was it worth it!

Rachel says:

The kitchen specifically cost about $4-5K to overhaul. I purchased remnant soapstone for the island, appliances from Craigslist, IKEA cabinents, and splurged on the custom walnut countertop and handmade tile backsplash. I referenced Apartment Therapy hundreds of time for inspiration and comfort - hope this provides the same for the DIY'ers out there!

Thanks for paying it forward! Now, we're all getting major inspiration from your hard work. Amazing job.

Re-edited from a post originally published 2.11.14-NT

(Image credits: Rachel Halliburton)