Before & After: This London Renovation Flip Gets Fresh

Kris' apartment in Brixton is an LA style bungalow bang in the middle of downtown South London. Kris renovated it to sell, and, after seeing the after pics, we can see why it was such a hot commodity.

What a difference! We're especially loving the new, glowy flooring and bright, white open feeling.

From Kris:

The goal was to bring the space to life. It was an old bungalow with no light or life. It had an over-grown garden and out of control trees outside preventing the sun from ever consider visiting. The whole project took about 6 weeks including a complete bathroom overhaul.

And not for nothing, but in charming UK fashion, Kris also mentioned, "Love Apartment Therapy, it's my daily newspaper."

Thank you Kris!

(Image credits: Paul Raeside)