Before & After: Thrifted Chair Goes Gold

Before & After: Thrifted Chair Goes Gold

Colleen Quinn
Feb 3, 2012

As Brittany herself says, this story began (as so many here do) with a trip to the thrift store. Celebrating the sale of an old white coffee table, Brittany was delighted to find this sticky, smelly, and admittedly in need of repair chair for the bargain price of only $5. With a little elbow grease and gold leaf, Brittany created a marvelous addition for her home.

After removing the seat, Brittany sanded the whole chair with 400-grit sandpaper, then wiped it down to remove any dust. She pulled out all the old tacks and staples before reupholstering the seat with lovely new stripes. Brittany then sprayed the chair frame with adhesive and got to work covering it in gold leaf. The final step before reattaching the seat was to coat the frame with acrylic to keep it from any future flaking. The result of all of Brittany's hard work is a beautiful one of a kind piece that adds a bit of glam to her space.

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Images: Brittany/Brittany Makes

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