Before & After: Toppled Chair Becomes Table for Two

We hear a lot about Ikea tweaks and transformations in these here parts, so it’s nice when another furniture brand name gets into the hacking action. This project comes courtesy of Jolene, whose replica Eames-style chair gave out one day. At first she thought the only place for it was the rubbish truck, but then she had a better idea...

From Jolene:

A closer look at the chair base turned up the possibility of making it into a kids table. I dismantled the chair, then handed over to my husband to modify the brackets. While I painted the brackets he laminated some pieces of American Oak timber together and cut out the round table top. It was back to me for sanding and varnishing, and then my husband assembled it.
Using only materials they had on hand, and a couple of hours of combined DIY time, Jolene and her husband called it done. We hear that their kids love having their own pint-sized table for snacks and drawing time!

There are tons more photos and information over at Jolene's blog, Duck Egg Blue, so head on over...

Thanks for sharing Jolene!

(Image credits: Duck Egg Blue)