Before & After: Transforming an Artist's Easel into a Media Stand

Before & After: Transforming an Artist's Easel into a Media Stand

Colleen Quinn
Sep 12, 2012

Sheila was never a fan of the console that held her TV and other media equipment, especially given its size in relation to the awkward corner that housed the installation. Months ago she found the ideal solution to her dilemma and ordered an artist's easel to convert into a TV/media stand. With just a little modification, she was able to transform the easel and therefore her living room.

As you can see from above, the existing media console was the wrong size and the wrong shape for the space- overwhelming the small room. Though it had loyally served for years, it simply didn't work in its new home.

Sheila and her husband added two shelves to the easel to hold all their electronics before painting the entire unit black. They drilled holes to mount their surround sound system, and used metal strapping to secure the TV to the stand (connected the strapping to the holes on the back of the TV designed for a wall mount). The end result is a sculptural addition to their living room, one with a much more compact footprint than their original unit.

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Images: Sheila Zeller/SZInteriors

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