Before & After: Old Trunk to Out of the Ordinary Filing Cabinet

PB&J Stories

In the past I've tried several times to turn an old trunk or camp box into a filing system. Sure they work and I had things inside to keep all my papers and accessories organized, but I was missing out on some serious structure that makes it all truly come together. Check out this great before and after that makes this thrifted object into a serious piece of office organization.

Over at PBJ Stories Pamela Stephens was looking for a way to keep her important papers in her bedroom without it being an eyesore. While a filing cabinet might not look the best placed at the end of your bed, an old trunk with a makeover sure does.

The key to this makeover are the small tricks she's used to create this interior organizational system to hold her files. She shares all her wisdom on making small holes and where the support comes from for the addition. It's a great flip and will have you searching Craigslist for trunks asap!

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(Image: PB&J Stories)