Before & After: Urban Outfitters Inspired Nightstands

Before & After: Urban Outfitters Inspired Nightstands

Meagan, of the blog Craft Habit, recently acquired a pair of hand-me-down Ikea nightstands, but really had her heart set on the GiGi nightstand from Urban Outfitters that, at $150 a piece, was out of her price range. So, set on having more minty fresh goods in her house, she transformed the IKEA pieces into such a good match, we'd be hard-pressed to decide which version we like better.

With a lot of sanding and painting, a high-gloss finish, cane webbing, and some Anthrologie knobs, Meagan created a great interpretation of the original GiGi nightstand — all with a lot of reuse, a little time and a small amount of money.

Urban Outfitters GiGi Nightstand

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(Images: Craft Habit)

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