Before & After: Vintage Chair Transformation

Before & After: Vintage Chair Transformation

Colleen Quinn
Sep 14, 2011

Old family favorite or not, it is hard to look at JC's chair before and visualize anything other than the garbage dump. Ripped, stained, and cobwebby, this armchair certainly doesn't look destined to anchor a soothing reading corner. Thankfully for all, JC had a different vision.

Yes, we will pause a moment so you can bounce back and forth between pictures in disbelief. Somehow, against all odds, JC took that poor sad little chair and transformed it into this masterpiece!

JC has more pictures and advice over on her blog My Rustic Cottage Life if you are hoping to apply her experience to a chair of your own. Though I suspect taking on such a project is something most of us would never contemplate, it is always good to be reminded of the power of a good eye, a bit of imagination, and lot of hard work. Thank you JC for sharing this transformation, and congratulations on creating such a beautiful piece for your home.

Check out all the details, including plenty of photos of the entire rehab process, on JC's blog — My Rustic Cottage Life: Vintage Chair ReUpholster Before and After.

Images: JC at My Rustic Cottage Life