Before & After: Vintage Table Turned Pretty and Patterned

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One of the regular readers of Meg's blog, Radical Possibility, found this little Lane end table at a flea market, and needed her help to transform it. About $30 and three hours of TLC later, this little table had a totally new look. 

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The pattern on top is based on the Forest Flowers iPhone cover by Rifle Paper Company.  

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Meg says:

While usually I am all for keeping the original wood, this particular piece had a very thick lacquer coating, and I wasn't in love with the strange pattern of wood on the top. After polishing up the adorable heart metal trim with a baking soda paste, I sanded off the varnish to reveal the original wood before painting it with Benjamin Moore's "Witching Hour." Then it was just a matter of sitting down and painting and continuing to add leaves until the tabletop looked complete without being too crowded or busy.
To see more photos of the project, visit the project page on Meg's blog.

Thanks for the share Meg, and your painting skills are top notch. Your blog is a lot of fun to read too...

(Images: Radical Possibility)

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