Before & After: A Bunch of Old Pallets Gain Purpose

Kevin rounded up some old wooden pallets by driving around to various warehouses, and through Craigslist. He had a project in mind, and just needed a bunch that were roughly equal sized. Want to see what he did with them?

This impressive reclaimed wood backyard deck is the result! After measuring the space, he laid the pallets where he wanted the deck to be. Starting with the first row, Kevin lined up all gaps and used pavers to level and support the pallets. He then cut strips from 8-foot plywood to fill in the gaps and then nailed them into place and secured them to the neighboring pallets. After treating with water resistant stain, the deck was done. When all was said and done, it cost under $100.

Nice job Kevin and thanks for sharing!

Re-edited from a post originally published 5.5.14-NT

(Image credits: Kevin Lafontaine)