Before & After: A Bedroom Gets a Subtle, Fresh Update

You might remember Ferren from her living room before and after we've posted about before. She took a living room that didn't look like her personality and flipped it to match her style just perfectly. Well she's back with a subtle bedroom makeover this time, and though not many things have changed, it's great proof that even small changes can make a measurable impact!

From Ferren:

A few months ago, I got to a place where I felt happy about my living room design after a year-long makeover. After finishing that, I realized that I had spent so much time on my living room, that other rooms in my house looked very dull by comparison. I'd been making tiny improvements to my bedroom over the last year, but after "finishing" my living room, I really ramped up the decorating. It feels fitting to share this with you now since you saw the living room update, but also since I'll be moving flats in 2 months' time— it's like a little farewell to the flat.

Thank you Ferren! Find a lot more detail shots plus DIY dresser ideas in Ferren's blog post.

(Image credits: Ferren Gipson)