Before & After: A Cheery, Spring-Like Vintage Vanity Chair Rescue

This teeny little wood and upholstered vanity chair on casters was in a sorry state when Kathy found it on a neighbor's curb on garbage day: the wooden back was broken off completely (the hand is holding it up in the photo above!), the springs damaged and the upholstery tired and dated. It would be a big job, but Kathy knew she could count on the help of her talented family. The result is a darling and spring-like update!

From Kathy:

I found this vanity chair by a neighbor's curb on garbage day last year. It was broken, the springs were damaged and the upholstery was dated. So we made this a team, my mom and my brother put some effort into this sweet little chair and gave it a second chance.

The work was extensive to repair this chair back to a state of use and style, but we think it came out quite nice! You can see every detailed step Kathy and her family did to transform this chair on Kathy's blog.

Thank you Kathy!

(Image credits: Kathy Cruz)