Before & After: A Dated Bath Gets a Facelift

Emily tells us that she, "wanted all evidence of this bathroom removed as fast as possible." This attic bathroom had everything she didn't want: thick fluffy carpet, limescale blocked taps and a bowl collecting liquid beneath a 'critical' drain. Eww. She smartly thought about how she wanted to feel in this space, and thus came up with a redesign plan for this high-altitude room.

She decided on, what she named, "forest spa style." She knew she didn't want a clinical or sterile feel, so she chose warm, textured wood tiles (they're faux and therefore completely waterproof) and a relaxing, muted shade of green. Now, the room feels much more spacious than it is under the steep-sloping eaves.
Emily says, "It's a great space for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day."

Thank you Emily!

(Image credits: Emily Barrett)