Before & After: A Dated Desk Gets a Fresh, Clean Look

When Tessa found this desk in the free section of Craigslist, she knew it was meant to come home with her. She said, "I liked the lines of it a lot and the non-existent price tag, if not the color and Hannah Montana stickers."

She was able to change an unused nook into a whole home office! So smart!

From Tessa:

I'm a Furniture Designer working from home and just moved into a new place with my friends. I've found that working in my bedroom was next to impossible and thought that this little nook opposite the front door would make a perfect "home office." I had a can of white house paint and some brushes so my only purchases were deglosser, paint stripper, and a can of spray paint. Less than $20 and a bit of elbow grease over a weekend for a sweet little home office!

Thank you Tessa!

(Image credits: Tessa)