Before & After: A Headboard Gets Reincarnated

View Along The Way

What do you do with a three dollar headboard you found at a yard sale? Why, put it in your foyer, of course. Follow me to find out more...

That's exactly what Kelly from A View Along The Way did. She was ready to get her foyer in order and needed a bench. Since the kind of benches she was looking at came with a hefty price tag, she put her creative cap on and figured out a really stunning solution. Her husband took the headboard apart and cut it in half to fit in the space. Then he built a bench for it, put everything back together, painted it, and voila! A new bench was born. It wasn't an easy peasy kind of project, but considering how much they saved (and how lovely the results are) it looks like it was worth every minute.

To see the full post, go to A View Along The Way.

Thank you Kelly!

(Image credits: View Along The Way)