Before & After: A Linen Closet Surprise

File this one under 'easy little updates to make your life happier.' Frenchie told us that she "cringed" every time she opened the door to her linen closet. We can't have that! See what she did to make it more cheerful.

Much better! It's a great reminder that addressing the little things that bother you in your home can drastically increase your day-to-day satisfaction.

Frenchie says:

My linen closet was, at first, my least favorite space in the house. It hadn't been touched since the 70's. I took a whopping $10 and gave it a surprise makeover — a super bright and cheery color on the walls. Now I look forward to reaching inside for a fresh towel or a nail file!

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Thank you Frenchie!

(Image credits: Frenchie Leigh)