Before & After: A Marvelous Mid-Century Modern Make-Under

Before & After: A Marvelous Mid-Century Modern Make-Under

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 26, 2014
(Image credit: Zachary Colby)

You can see that this bright blue piece of furniture has a nice mid-century shape, but with the thick, gloppy coat of paint, the damage to the top and the overall unpleasant look of the exterior, plenty of folks would probably pass this furniture piece up, even if it was free. Not Zachary. He spotted it, took it home and did one impressive make-under!

(Image credit: Zachary Colby)

From Zachary:

My boyfriend and I were taking a walk and we found this little blue nightmare on the curb for the garbage man. We hauled it home, stripped it, oiled it, and ended up with this great little addition to our living room.

Proof there's hope for almost any free furniture find out there!

Thank you Zachary!

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