Before & After: A Quick and Cheap Laundry Room Refresh

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It took just one weekend for Tasha, a self-described "designer trapped in a lawyer's body," to transform her laundry room (from the room in her home "where fun went to die" ) to a room that now makes her and her husband smile!

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Using leftover paint from previous DIY projects, Tasha painted the cabinets and walls. Grabbing two quarts of grey and off-white porch paint for $30, the floors were updated with a couple of coats (the exact steps can be found on Tasha's blog). Spray-painted paper mache letters (only costing $35) create a dynamic display of instructions. The ugly laminate countertop got turning into a DIY concrete countertop by using Ardex Feather Finish. A small rug from Pier 1 adds a pop of color for only $19 (Similar rug). A mirror was placed to hide the plumbing connections.

From Tasha:

A few months ago, our laundry room could only be described with one word— yuck. And you can tell we took no pride in the room whatsoever. I mean, the blinds were crooked. It would have taken five seconds to straighten them, but we never bothered. We just got in and out of the room as quickly as possible. I would say that the renovation took me a total of 12 hours, and I did all the work by myself, with the exception of putting new hinges on the doors and rehanging them (which my husband did one day while I was at work). So, we are talking maybe a total of 13 man hours. Not bad!

More info on her blog.

Thank you Tasha!

(Image credits: Tasha)