Before & After: A Rusty Old Bed Gets Beautifully Restored

Becky shelled out exactly $0 for this old, iron bed. She was able to barter with a crystal light fixture that didn't work in her space. Wowee, what a smart trade that turned out to be.

She added some custom made rails which set her back $60 and then buckled down to do the rest of the restoration herself. She first spent hours with her electric sander to remove all the old paint. Even though her lead paint test came up negative, she still wore a respirator just to be safe. Becky jokes, "Lemme tell you, wearing these masks with glasses is just a treat. That is, unless you actually need to see what you are doing. Foggy glass was an issue."
She put down a coat of primer and used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover in Sun Yellow. Then regular poly sealed everything nicely. Becky says, "After what seemed like forever, the bed was complete. I’m a little shocked by how cute it turned out, and even more shocked at how flippin’ comfortable it is!!".
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(Image credits: Becky Voboril)