Before & After: A Shop Your Space Bedroom Makeover

Before & After: A Shop Your Space Bedroom Makeover

Tara Bellucci
May 8, 2015
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We love a good "shop your space" room transformation. Jay is a Minneapolis-based designer and this bedroom project was completed in a day (another benefit of using a lot of what you've got!). With a few new elements and a shift in the space, there's now a blissful new bedroom:

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From Jay:

This bedroom redo was really fast and really easy. Having seen the room earlier I was able to quickly gather a rug, a lounge chair, a new coverlet, accent pillows and a vintage ceiling fixture.

I started by identifying the pieces I wanted to use that were already in the room - classic iron bed, family heirloom case good pieces such as a bureau and tall chest of drawers, muted, moody oil paintings and accessories gathered from around the house.

I shifted the bed off center, creating a sitting area near the entrance of the room. Rolled up the broad loom carpet and replaced with an historic floral. Added a lounge chair, hair on hide ottoman, vintage light fixture and books.

The original wall color stayed the same which allowed this room makeover to be done in one day.

Style is what you do with what you have. I prefer to use what is already in the home, rearranging, shifting and getting the right composition and balance. Then fill in the blanks. The result is a personalized, approachable, and original space.

Thank you Jay!

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