(Image credit: Samantha)
Samantha wasn't able to resist taking this piece of furniture home when she spotted it for free on the side of the road. She didn't quite know what she was going to with it, but she knew with some creative ideas it could work well in her and her husband's dining room.
(Image credit: Samantha)

From Samantha:

I chose to paint it grey. But when we put the sideboard inside, hubby looked at it and said "its too boring, too serious." So I decided to do something different!

I picked the yellow to match with our coffee table and the light gray to bring some charm to the piece...I also decided to paint the corners in angle just to look a little bit funky as the rest of our house...We love the final results!

We just love how you personalized this piece you found for free to fit into your home with your personality! Thank you Samantha!