Before & After: Abigail's Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Before & After: Abigail's Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

(Image credit: Lindsay Ribe)
(Image credit: Submitted by Abigail)

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(Image credit: Submitted by Abigail)

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(Image credit: Submitted by Abigail)
(Image credit: Submitted by Abigail)

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Allegan, MI
U.S. Owner
My room makeover::
We purchased an old farmhouse (est. 1909) and the home decor looked like it hadn't been updated since the late 80's (in a bad way). Because I love to cook the dining room was the first on my list. It's the room (other than the kitchen) that is the most communal space in the house. We had to start by ripping down all of the layers and layers of wallpaper using multiple products. DIF (GEL) was the best tool we found to take the wall paper down without damaging the walls. After the wallpaper came down we had to repair some of the plaster and patch drywall. We sanded and painted only to find that the paint was pealing off the bead board! We had to strip all the paint off again and took a palm sander to everything and repaint. I am a flea market junky so I decorated with a mix of new and old. Since we are on a farm I went with a primitive/farm type decor with a "kiss" of modern (CB2, West Elm). The total process took us about 6 months and cost us about $1,500 from start to finish.
My makeover advice::
Know the materials you are working with! What is on the walls? What kind of existing paint is on the walls. WASH the walls good. Do everything right (as much as possible) the first time so you do not waste time and funds repairing mistakes.
What I love most about my new space::
I love my vintage 4-H vignette. I grew up in 4-H so it's fun to mix items from my childhood in with items from flea markets. I found the 4 - h "Busy Bees" sign at a flea for $40 and HAD to have it. That was the piece that pretty much inspired the whole room.
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