Before & After: An Overstuffed Closet Gets a Master Cleanse

This is not regular closet cleanout. In fact, Joy called it a "closet cleanse." But unlike an actual cleanse (which usually just makes us hangry), we're pretty sure this project left Joy feeling super satisfied.

Wow! We'd say that's better than a green juice any day.

We love how Joy picked a variety of neutrals to keep the look cohesive, but not boring.

From Joy:

I've been meaning to get to this for months. Originally, my storage closet was haphazardly stuffed with everything from sewing & craft supplies, to bubbles and kid's preschool books to tools. I needed the space to function more efficiently so I emptied it out, removed the old shelf and coat bar, painted and installed simple bracket tracks and shelves (from Home Depot and Lowes). I was even able to configure the brackets and shelves to accommodate an Ikea Raskog cart for additional removable storage. It took some planning on the front end, but painting and installation were not at all difficult.

Budget-wise, the shelf and bracket system were very affordable. The shelves, brackets and tracks for the storage closet came in at around $170. I already had the paint leftover from painting cabinets last year, so that didn't cost anything. I did run into some expense buying bins, baskets, organizers and file storage — I spent more on those than on the actual system! But the effect is well worth the cost.

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Thank you Joy!

(Image credits: Joy; Joy)