One of the (many) nice things about living in Paris is that people often put their old furniture out on the pavement for opportunistic treasure hunters like myself to scavenge. I found this old chair one evening and I suspect that, as I took it home on the metro, the other passengers thought I was an eccentric expat who brought her own seating.

However when I got it home it looked a bit drab so I decided to perk it up with a lick of paint and a bit of decoupage. Having sanded it down, I found two little Dulux paint samples (on offer) were sufficient to give it two coats of paint. A friend, who happens to be a decorating fanatic, gave me a swatch of wall paper from which I cut the flowers. I stuck those on with PVA glue and then varnished the piece with 5 layers for interior wood varnish so that the flowers are well protected.

Materials used: 
Dulux paint samples= 1 euro for two on offer
‘Colours Vernis’ Clear= 8 euro
Wall paper = gifted to me.
Total cost: 9 euro.

Thank you, Audrey!

(Images: Submitted by Audrey )