Before & After: Crib to Lofted Toddler Bed

Adriel Booker

While not everyone is a fan of the toddler bed, they can be good solutions if you have a small amount of space. Even better is this clever hack from Adriel Booker that turns a crib into a toddler bed with room for storage.

Adriel kept the frame of the crib basically intact, but raised the bed up so that it's a small version of a lofted bed. The crib rails provide security for the sleeping toddler. And with all the extra space underneath, she can store ride-on toys and buckets of toys. Best of all, her son loves the bed, which can make a little one feel grown up in his or her own version of a loft bed.

See more of this project at Adriel's blog.

Thank you Adriel!

(Image credits: Adriel Booker)