Before & After: Jody's No More "1985" Kitchen

Before & After: Jody's No More "1985" Kitchen

(Image credit: Lindsay Ribe)
(Image credit: Jody)

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(Image credit: Jody)

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(Image credit: Jody)
(Image credit: Jody)

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Cumberland, ME
U.S. Owner
My room makeover::
We purchased our home from the nicest couple that had built the house with his dad in the mid 80's. Although very well maintained, the house screamed 1985. The kitchen had a purple paisley wallpaper backsplash, orangey oak cabinets and gray laminate countertops. A full gut renovation was not necessary or in the budget so we began DIY-ing our way through it. We took down the row of half cabinets over the peninsula which instantly opened it up. Next, we tried to blend in the soffit by making it flush with the upper cabinets and adding crown molding. I have always admired the "tuxedo" cabinet and figured this budget DIY reno would be a good time to try it out. We used Simply White on the uppers and Soot on the lowers (both BM). Last, came the most labor-intensive project, the concrete countertops. We came in with a total of around $1500 for the whole makeover not including the dishwasher replacement.
My makeover advice::
I was very hesitant to tackle this project knowing that we'd most likely be fully renovating the kitchen some day. After all was said and done I am so happy we decided to do the makeover. Even though it was a lot of work and a stressful 4 weeks I enjoy the cooking and just being in that room so much more now. It's hard to remember what it looked like 3 years ago when we first moved in!
What I love most about my new space::
I like the color palette. I've always loved indigo, peach, mint and white - colors that remind me of the coast of Maine where we live. All of those colors look great with the dark navy base cabinets and white uppers which makes accessorizing (the fun part) easy. I also love the brass drawer pulls until I bump my hip on them :)
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