Before & After: Jolie's Bland to Glam Bathroom Makeover

Before & After: Jolie's Bland to Glam Bathroom Makeover

Adrienne Breaux
May 17, 2014
(Image credit: Jolie Dionne)

Do you suffer from a bland bathroom? You might find some inspiration in the ideas that Jolie added to her standard-looking, not-very-interesting bathroom. She made this boring room turn glam with some DIY projects and vision.

(Image credit: Jolie Dionne)

From Jolie:

When we purchased our first house nearly a year ago I loved everything about it except the bathroom... it was bland and dated, my husband couldn't see anything wrong with it but I felt like I was stepping back in time in comparison to the rest of the house.

I wanted to feel like I was stepping into a high end hotel bathroom in the morning so I decided I would decorate it with glam wallpaper and gold accents. I waited until Home Depot had their bathroom sale and got a really good deal on a new pedestal vanity and Kohler toilet. I wanted a dark grey flooring and opted for vinyl since our floors are quite cold in the winter.

My father helped my husband as he installed a vanity, toilet, and flooring for the first time, he was sooo proud of himself :). We started at noon on a Saturday and finished around midnight but thankfully not one thing went wrong and everything fit perfectly! I spent most of the next day admiring it and listening to my husband tell me how right I was for wanting to renovate it. Hope you like it!

Wow! So much more fun and bold. See more photos on Jolie's blog.

Thank you Jolie!

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