Before & After:
Kate & Ellen's Living Room Revamp

Before & After:
Kate & Ellen's Living Room Revamp

Tara Bellucci
Feb 4, 2013

Though we certainly didn't require any wall demolition for the January Cure, that didn't stop Kate and Ellen from using the month to give their new home's living room a fresh face for a housewarming party. Click through to see just how much these two got done in 25 days!

We love the lightness of the after, and how that gorgeous brick is freed from underneath the old paneling. The staircase has had quite the facelift, too:

From Kate:

My girlfriend and I had an interesting take on the January Cure — we moved in together just before Christmas (finally — long-distance is for the birds!). We bought a house together, and a mutual friend wanted to throw us (and our daughter) a housewarming party at the end of January. We desperately wanted to give our living room a fresh look for the party, and although we hit some bumps along the way, we got it to a really good place where we felt we could confidently receive guests. So in addition to organizing and keeping up with January Cure projects, we tackled this huge project. We started the living room on January 1st and 'finished' on January 25th, the day before the party and before out-of-town guests arrived to stay with us for the weekend. 

We still have several things left on our list, some small, some big. We want to finish the stairs — we're planning on refinishing to match the stain on the outer edge, and adding a cable rail. We have some paint touch ups and caulking to do, and we need to figure out how to add in new mortar between some of the bricks on the fireplace surround. Eventually we will refinish the floors and add a new lighting fixture. We have plans to build some chairs for the space and add in some different furniture pieces. Right now it's a pretty eclectic mix, as we just moved in together! As you can see, we've done a pretty massive overhaul of this room, and this was even after finding water damage behind the paneling on the fireplace — which led to us discovering that beautiful brick!
For a complete project breakdown, plus additional photos, check out Kate and Ellen's blog, Ordinary House.

Thanks, Kate & Ellen!

(Images: Kate Sands)

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