Before & After: Maysem's Reupholstered Folding Chairs

Before & After: Maysem's Reupholstered Folding Chairs

Tara Bellucci
Feb 7, 2013

Who doesn't have a handful of these retro seats in their (or their parents') basement? Check out how Maysem gives these folding chairs a fresh facelift with some new fabric. 

From Maysem:

 Anything blah can be turned into something wowing, including those ugly upholstered folding chairs. All you need is some nice fabric and spray paint. I used home deco fabric so it will hold up longer. I removed the seat cushions and back rest. The chairs I have were quite old so the screws were worn out and refused to come out, so I had to cut them off. Once the seat cushion and back rest were removed, the fabric was easily removed by pulling out the staples. I took that fabric and used it as my template to cut out the new fabric covers, and then stapled the new covers right back on. Next I spray painted the chairs. For the final step, I could have made a run to Home Depot to get new screws, but opted to use what I had on hand. Instead, I used E6000 glue. Other than having to deal with old stubborn screws, this project was quite simple.

For step-by-step photos and more information, check out Ode to Inspiration.

Thanks, Maysem!

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(Images: Maysem Hammad)

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