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Joy'd been stalking Craigslist for months in search of the perfect armchair for her living room, but finally struck gold at her favorite thrift store (and by gold...we mean orangey-brown) for a mere 17 clams. Says Joy, "I like to think that it found me. Atrocious orange? Check. Disintegrating foam? Check. Beautiful bones? Check. Check."

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

After much searching for the perfect fabric that wouldn't break the bank, Joy decided on a dove-colored Herringbone that, while it was a little pricier up front, will wear beautifully over time. Combined with the price of re-upholstery ("I have tackled a few basic projects, but I know my limitations," says Joy), the final cost for her custom chair was comparable to an off-the-shelf-version.

See more about her process at Beautiful Protest.

Thank you Joy!

(Images: Joy Lewis)