Before & After: A Mid-Century Modern Chair Rescue

This chair was found at an estate sale for only $5. Estimated to be from the late 50s or 60s, it had great bones, but was unfortunately covered in what Landon calls “mass transit seat fabric” or "bowling alley carpeting." Though not particularly attractive, it did seem to be flame retardant.

From Landon:

First, the mass transit fabric and the seat padding were removed. The legs were sanded before being stained in a cherry finish. Fresh padding was added to the seat and chair back. The seat and back were recovered in a solid, blue canvas fabric. Five button tufts were added to the front, and nailhead trim was added to the back of the chair. The result is a chair that doesn’t even remotely remind us of mass transit.

Nice save! From mass transit to mass appeal! We love the added details like those button tufts. See more photos of this makeover (plus some close-ups of just how bad this chair started out) on Landon's blog.

Thank you Landon!

(Image credits: Landon Pelt)