Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover

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Attention all day-dreamers, travel-lovers and small space dwellers! You'll love this makeover of an Airstream — bought and designed on a tight budget. It's inspiring to those who love color in compact spaces, too!

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From Rebecca:

Last Fall, I was offered a new job with an RV travel website: the catch? I had to buy an RV on a barista's budget. After months of cruising Craigslist for something affordable yet livable, my dream trailer appeared near Albuquerque — a 1967 Sovereign International, complete with mid-century built-ins. After a scrub down, some bright swaths of Pantone's Cockatoo paint, and fabric covers on the cabinets, I'm loving my new home on the road! Not counting plumbing work, the cost of the facelift was around $300, including small furniture items and kitchenware.

Get even more jealous perusing Rebecca's website.

Thank you Rebecca!

(Image credits: Rebecca)

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