Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50


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Gem, from the blog Blackbird, recently moved into a new apartment in Auckland with her husband. Because it's a rental, they did not want to do any big renovations, but they did want to give their kitchen a stylish upgrade. With a little cash and some elbow grease, they turned their kitchen into something they are both happy with.

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First, with the permission of their landlord, they painted two of the walls with paint they had left over from another project.

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Next they swapped out the drawer handles with ones they found from a second hand shop ($.50 each) and with leather ones they made using this DIY. Then they covered their countertops with vinyl that they scored for $3 a roll. They used 5 rolls total.

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Finally, Gem's husband made a shelf for abve the kitchen sink using a piece of precut wood they purchased ($15) and two braces ($3).

To see more pictures and read more about the project, head over to Blackbird.

Thank you Gem!

(Image credits: Blackbird)