Before & After: What To Do With A Grimy Garage Sale Side Table

Nicole found this side table at her neighbor's garage sale for practically nothing. Because it was so small (and cheap) that she wouldn't feel bad if she messed it up, she took the opportunity to experiment with some new DIY techniques. We think the risks really paid off big time.

There's so much going on here and it somehow it all works together flawlessly. Great job!

From Nicole:

I sanded it down just enough to apply a few coats of primer, I spray painted the drawer with a bold yellow I had around the house and I wanted to try that dipped trend that's been going around, so I taped off the tips of the legs for a more conservative approach. I removed the old knobs and used a clean and simple white ceramic knob so it wouldn't fight with the pattern I applied to the sides of the drawers. The pattern was applied using mod podge and a pattern printed on paper.

Thank you Nicole!

(Image credits: Nicole Phillips)