Before & After: An Office/Guest Bedroom Gets a Dramatic Makeover

Go Haus Go

Emily and Aaron's spare bedroom was a catch-all, home to Aaron's bike, a dog crate, clothes, and other random items. The couple would step inside, grab what they needed, and duck back out, meaning that the room never got used for anything but storage. But with some paint, new furniture, and a new space plan, this is now a room that they use on a daily basis.

Farrow and Ball's Down Pipe makes the small room feel cozy, while colorful art and pillows give the room a bit of brightness and character. A wall-length desk and a daybed for guests offer plenty of functionality and maximize the narrow space. And Suge, Emily and Aaron's adorable Boston terrier, can join in the fun, since his crate is tucked neatly between their desk chairs.

This was a relatively slow makeover, taking 1.5 years to complete, but each step was thoughtfully considered, and now that it's complete, Emily and Aaron are left with a functional room that fits the three descriptors Emily picked to guide the project from the outset: a manly room with color and pattern. This room is slow decorating at its finest.

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(Image credits: Go Haus Go)