Before and After: Bathroom Storage

We've been itching to replace this functional, but not so attractive, rolly cart in our bathroom. Over the weekend, we finally decided to replace the shelf with an old etagere that we made over with a fresh coat of paint. Take a look at our new bathroom shelving, after the jump.

The etagere, before the paint job
This etagere used to sit in our living room, hidden in a corner as an awkward shelf for a record player and some odds and ends. We always liked the table legs on this shelf, but it was scuffed up pretty badly and the dark wood finish was dull. It had definitely seen better days.

The etagere in its new home in the bathroom
To get our new look, first we thoroughly washed the etagere and gave it a quick sanding. Then, we applied two coats of an oil-based primer and another two coats of white paint, and voila! our bathroom was instantly transformed. We're pretty happy with the results of this easy Saturday afternoon project.