Before and After: Bedroom

We've recently finished redecorating a vacation home of our family's, and this bedroom was one of the most challenging spaces. We had some restrictions to work around - the room is dark, cold, and we couldn't paint the wood trim or do anything structural. Click below the jump to see the after.


To warm it up the walls were painted a very soft yellow, and we changed the color scheme to one of yellows and pinks throughout. We also got rid of a fair amount of furniture that just wasn't needed. The bed itself was the only thing that stayed the same - we simplified the artwork and brought in new bedding, lighting, and bedside tables, not to mention our favorite part of the room, the new headboard. We're happy with the end results - while the room is still dark, it feels cozy instead of cave like, not to mention much bigger with all of the clutter removed.

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