Before and After: Bedroom from Colorama

Swedish wallpaper and paint company Colorama features this bedroom "before and after" on their site. Before, the room attempted to combine a workspace and bed without any clear differentiation between the functional areas. Click below to see how the designers used paint, a few new pieces, and a little space planning to transform this underwhelming room...

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...into a multipurpose retreat. A stripe of gold paint from the floor to the ceiling separates the room into three areas (the bed, a workspace, and a lounge) without physically breaking up the space. The words above the bed are wall decals, which translate into "Sweet Dreams."

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The desk is made from two pieces of glass atop a pair of sawhorses. Wallpaper is used on the wall and sandwiched between the glass to create a patterned tabletop. To see the complete transformation, click here.